Explore variation settings

As the artist, we want you to have control over the freedom viewers will have when exploring variations of your project on the token page. Under the display frame, a variations button can be used to explore different variations, if enabled when you minted the Generative Token.

Mint overview

You can configure the following settings, for both during the mint period and after fully minted:

  • enabled: is the variations button enabled ? if disabled, the button won't be clickable and will appear as disabled
  • number of variations:
    • infinite: viewers can explore any amount of variations and so randomly
    • limited set of hashes: define a list of hashes the viewers will cycle through when clicking on the button

These settings should give enough control to define a strategy during the lifetime of your token. You can for instance disabled infinite exploration after token is minted, so that the front end only display a finite number of states through the minted collection of the token. You decide.

Please note that this has no effect on the iterations which will be generated from your project.