Code of conduct

This guide was written by the team of moderators: Charlie, Liam, Qaulv, Eska, Sam

The hard


Make sure you include and indicate any licensing material in your code package. A good way to do this is using a LICENSE.md file and refer to it in a comment within your code. This file should contain any relevant licensing information including:

  • The license to your code;
  • The license of any included libraries; and
  • The license of any derived code.


Copyminting of any sort will not be tolerated. Immediately provable copymints and unauthorized derivatives of other cryptographic artwork will be rejected.


If your work is abusive or includes harmful or damaging narratives, it will be rejected. We believe in freedom of expression, however, if your artwork promotes hatred of a group of people, this constitutes a damaging narrative and your work will be rejected.

The soft

Generative work

Ideally, all work released on FXHash should adhere to the spirit of the website in that it should be generative and use a deterministic approach to randomness.

Ideally, your work should produce the same result given the same transaction hash. This means ensuring that you’re using fxrand() for random number generation and that you’re careful to use the same set of random numbers when you redraw your artwork (upon resizing for example).

If a mint of your generative token produces a different result on reload or redraw then it is considered in opposition to this principle.

Effort in art

Art is the core of fxhash, some of us are artists, some of us collectors. We all share the love for art and with it the same values. Everybody plays their role in this ecosystem, be it creation, collection, talking, or even flipping. If you cannot identify with a role, try to tolerate it. It is the diversity that we love, and that will ultimately lead us to create the best inclusive generative art platform for everybody

Last but not least

Don’t ask what fxhash can do for you, but ask what you can do to make fxhash a better place for everyone 💚