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Getting verified


To protect fxhash users, the platform uses a verification system. Verified users have 2 advantages over unverified users:

  • the badge next to their name
  • the ability to bypass the 1-hour lock of their token when they mint

That's it. Those simple measures helps in preventing scammers to reach the front-end of the application.

Getting verified

Link your tz address to your twitter with tzProfile. It's the easiest way for us to assert if your tezos address belongs to a Twitter account.

Then, come to the https://discord.gg/wzqxfdCKCC, locate the #-get-verified channel and make your request following the pattern of previous requests.

The verification process

Once you have submitted your verification, a moderator needs to review it to see if your profile is in line with our criteria. This is manual process, and as such it can sometimes take a while before we check your submission. We will improve this process over the course of the following weeks, but in the meantime please be patient and please do not spam the moderators about it.

We do grant the verification badge if

  • your tz account can clearly be linked to an already verified online identity
  • the body of works you presented on the platform has already been proven as authentic without any doubt

We do not grant the verification badge if

  • you have never published on fxhash before
  • your wallet is recent (-20 days)
  • the linked Twitter account is sparse

If your account falls into any of these criteria, please understand that we cannot grant the verification badge for now. Publish some of your work on the platform going through the usual process, and ask for the verification once you consider that we can establish your artistic identity without a doubt.

We will not grant verification if we have doubts about your identity.