GPT-3 and me: A generative coding study

The question I had on my mind when starting this process was whether a natural language processing AI like GPT-3 could be creative. One of the avenues that ended up being disappointing was the creation of metaphors and poetry. GPT would combine and rearrange existing metaphors into semi-meaningful sentences, sometimes outright stealing poetry. Unlike DALL.E 2, GPT is only able to generate text and not diffuse/generate images. To circumvent this, I decided to try to make it create generative artworks from the p5js JavaScript library. I knew GPT could create simple code and source it from a large codebase already presents in the training data. What I wanted to see was whether I could push the system to produce something that could be considered “original”. This article follows selected inputs and outputs from the generative art journey between GPT-3 and me, a collaborative article. I have never written a line of Javascript code in my life. (Free mint on my page!)