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one hour


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open project

`one hour` is an interactive installation exploring the bond between humans and computers, inviting you to pause and share a meditative moment with an algorithmic stranger.

Rather than conventionally interacting with the piece, lower your guard and allow it to interact with you through an intimately human connection - a heart beat. `one hour` follows this heart as it beats through an hour of its enduring existence, captured by an EKG divided into 60 rows of 60 seconds each. Stylistically, it emulates realistic paper and ink using custom texture and line renderers. The piece will play through the duration of the hour, pause for five minutes, then begin anew.

`one hour` was created for a physical installation, projected to a wall and animated in real time. By default it will render at high speed to reveal the preview. For the most immersive experience at home, it should be viewed in full screen and adjusted to real time speed (controlled via the number keys).

||| controls

[s] save as png
[r] reset animation
[l] toggle looping [default on]
[1-5] adjust render speed
[--1] real time (1 hour) [recommended]
[--2] 6x (10 minutes)
[--3] 60x (1 minute)
[--4] 300x (12 seconds) [default]
[--5] full speed

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